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Doors open for Ontario 2021-OINP (was just a wish) – OPNP (an opportunity for all)

Good news fellows! Ontario is introducing its own Expression of Interest System (EOI) for its economic class immigration system in the coming few weeks.

The new Expression of the Interest system of Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is a point-based system eradication of the previous model which worked on a first come first serve basis.
The ranking of a candidate solely based upon the human capital core factors and local labour market needs. In short, this new update reflects the identical system of Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island etc.

The EOI system will be introduced to following streams:
1) Employer Job Offer Stream (In-Demand Skills, Foreign Worker, International Student)
2) Masters Graduate Stream; and
3) Ph.D Graduate Stream

Declaration of a new date has not been done for the new EOI system introduction by OINP however, time duration will be in the weeks. As the OINP system is changing, the above-mentioned streams are currently closed to new applicants.

Why this shift (from first come first serve basis to EOI system) occurred?

From the survey, it revealed that most of the applicants were unhappy as the website lasts for only a few minutes before it gets full and experiencing technical difficulties could not result in profile submission. Some of them claim that it is an injustice to applicants and potential applicants are not getting chances.

In fall, 2020, public consultation has been started by Ontario for recommendation from the public for a new EOI system and positive feedback was received.